5 Instagram Story Apps You Should Be Using

Instagram stories is one of the best tools Instagram has to offer to get you engaging with your followers, driving traffic to links or content and reaching a bigger audience but when it comes to making those stories stand out it's hard to do when there's limits to what Instagram gives you to play around with and sometimes you need more than a cute filter and a fun GIF to get people's attention, which is when design apps come into play.

There's no denying that there are a ton of apps out there that give you dozens of creative options for your stories from animations, collages, aesthetics and more - so I've narrowed it down to my top 5 apps that I think are the best apps for Instagram stories, these apps are also free to install. These apps are all ones I use on a regular basis so this is all from personal experience of an iPhone user so I apologise if these aren't available on Android!

This app has literally changed my life when it comes to Instagram stories which may seem a little dramatic but it's definitely my go to app for creating eye catching stories, especially when I want to promote a new YouTube video or blog post.

The key feature this app has to offer is animated templates, allowing your story to look like you've spent hours designing it. Mojo has a large variety of templates and they're also categorised to make it easier to find the right one, but if you are feeling creative it also gives you a dozen options to create your own story from scratch with hundreds of different options.

The app itself is free and there are several free templates, but of course hundreds more templates and design options are available if you upgrade to Pro, but honesty I haven't felt the need to pay for it as I love the free options and find it easy enough to personalise them to make each one unique.

Made - App Store | Google Play
I love the templates Made has to offer and considering there are over 50 you can use for free it's a good app to have. I personally think Made is built more for showing off photography, it is absoloutely perfect for travel photos and outfit shots, but some of the templates can also make your story look aesthetic as f*ck.

Unfold is one of the first template apps I started to use for my stories as I found it so easy to use and not only did I love the templates it had to offer but also found it so easy to create my own collages too. They don't have a large amount of free templates but the ones they do offer are so pretty. 

I have been considering upgrading as the Unfold+ templates are sooooo good and they constantly keep it updated so there are just hundreds of options and they're all so unique, the latest update has also included animated templates!

Canva is what I use to create everything for my YouTube channel to a point I forget it allows you design anything and everything, including stories. Canva has probably some of the most unique professional designs for stories that are idea for promoting content, promotions or products but they also offer prompt templates such as "this or that" or "my feelings in emojis" allowing you to give a personal touch to your story in a aesthetic way.

Canva is also the perfect app for creating templates as it has endless design possibilities and allows you to make the perfect story and although you can pay for more options I really don't see the point with Canva as you can already do so much for free.

Template - App Store
Last but not least is Template, this app has a variety of templates with most of them being very modern styled, they have a "basic" section which is all free but still perfect for being more creating with your stories, but of course they have more if you upgrade to Template Plus.


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