Returning To YouTube

In 2014 after blogging for a while I decided to venture into the world of YouTube and for a few years I uploaded a mixture of vlogs, tutorials and other videos on an admittedly very inconsistent basis. My last video was uploaded in September 2017 and although I filmed a few things since then I never got round to uploading anything again, my life got so busy and I was going through a lot of changes so I just took a step back from all my social media, 4 years later and here we are writing blog posts again and now you guessed it - I'm uploading YouTube videos!

So as you're reading this I have a new video up where I just ramble about why I left, why I'm back and what you can expect from my channel all with no makeup on an my greasy hair in some sort of bun, very attractive but my decision to film was extremely spontaneous.

I have always batted around the idea of uploading to YouTube again, but even more so since moving into my own place as it gives me the space and freedom to film whatever I want, whenever I want and really it just makes the entire process a lot easier.

My plan is to upload a main video every Tuesday at 6pm, at the moment I have managed to record and schedule a few videos already which is a good start and I have so many ideas for upcoming content. I'd love it if you could support me with this by subscribing to my channel!


Comments are always read and appreciated!