Sustainable Beauty - 5 Steps To Make Your Daily Routine Eco Friendly

Everyone talks about doing things to be more environmentally friendly but sometimes it's hard to know where to begin, so why not start with implementing a few changes in your beauty routines? It's easy to not realise how much our daily regime can impact the world around us whether it's the plastic packaging going to landfill or the chemicals getting washed down the sink.

I am definitely not someone who screams sustainability but I have become quite aware of the small differences that I can make that aren't a big deal to me but do have a positive impact on the environment. Most of the sustainable changes I have made were for my own reasoning and only later did I realise these changes were also eco friendly which shows how easy it is.

I'm going to be talking about five simple steps that will get you closer to living a more sustainable lifestyle, these are the perfect steps for people who want to do something small without it being a scary change. It's really important to understand that you don't have to change anything drastically, if you want to make a difference you need to do it one step at a time and stick to it rather than trying and changing a dozen different things, overwhelming yourself and going backwards.

#1 Ditch the pads and wipes.

There's no denying the convenience of makeup wipes but after some quick research you find out 7 billion makeup wipes are thrown into landfill or flushed down into oceans every year, and that's a pretty horrifying fact, especially when it can easily be changed. Opt for a hot cloth cleanse, I've always loved Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish paired with a muslin cloth to remove a face full of makeup without a lot of effort. 

Cotton pads are also terrible for the environment as such a large amount go into landfill on a daily basis that aren't biodegradable, I can't imagine the amount everyone else throws in the bin at the end of the day let alone the plastic packaging they're sold in. Swapping out cotton pads for reusable ones is something I did earlier in the year when I got these reusable pads from New Look. They're perfect to use with any liquid or cream product, I actually find I now use a smaller amount of product as the fabric doesn't absorb half the amount cotton does and not to mention the fabric is so much kinder and gentle to use on the skin. Really this is a simple change that is easy enough for anyone to make, the difference being they go in the laundry basket instead of the bin!

#2 Have an eco-period.

Menstrual products have a large impact on our environment with a disposable pad taking 500-800 years to break down, not to mention the amount of sanitary products that get flushed down the loo and end up int the ocean - this is your reminder to never flush anything other than tissue by the way! 

Swap disposables with reusables like period pants or period pads, there are a lot of options out there! If the idea of reusable menstrual products like this scares you then how about organic tampons, these are made out of ingredients that allow them to be biodegradable so you can throw them away without the worry of them taking many years to degrade yet it's not a massive change.

How about a menstrual cup? This is probably the most common option when it comes to a more eco friendly period, I swapped to Moon Cup and it is one of the best decisions I made. I spoke about it more in a blog post recently as I know menstrual cups can be a little daunting if you've not tried one but I couldn't recommend it more.

#3 Recycling is key.

This may sound super obvious but not everyone remembers to recycle, especially when it's to do with beauty products as most of them are used in our bathroom and mixed in a bin with non-recyclables. Ask yourself, do you always recycle everything? 

Also have a think about the products you're using, is the packaging recyclable or reusable? The majority of products come in plastic packaging and we all know by now the harm that has on our environment so if you can swap badly packaged products for ones that are in materials such as glass or aluminium, or use products such as solid soap and shampoo bars that have no waste at all then you're making a difference. Lush have a great collection of products without packaging and it's a shame more brands can't do the same.

#4 Use less water.

You may not think about it but the amount of water you use does have an impact on the planet - not just your water bill. It's quite simple really, don't leave the water running, avoid unnecessarily long showers or overfilling your bath. I am actually very conscious of this and always turn the tap off between uses, whether it's whilst I'm brushing my teeth or whilst I'm applying a cleanser.

#5 Reuse your bags.

This may not be specifically to do with beauty, but admit it when you go to Boots to do you already have a bag with you for your new purchases to go in or do you have to buy another plastic carrier bag? I don't need to tell you the impact plastic carrier bags have on the environment as you should already know unless you've been living under as rock.

 Reusable bags aren't just for our food shop, they're for everywhere and it's down to you to make sure you always have one. There a lot of pretty options for fold down bags that fold down into a little push which means they fit in your handbag or even your pocket. 


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