Why I Love My Menstrual Cup

Writing about periods or anything involving my female organs in general isn't exactly something I have previously imagined doing but here I am, writing about a rubbery pink thing that goes in my vagina every month. 

Menstrual cups have been around for a long time but seem to have always been associated girls who like to believe they're saving the planet for doing everything au naturale but as we've become less judgemental and more people have given them a go they've actually became pretty popular. I've always known about them but it was influencer Samantha Ravndahl's video back in May 2019 that really caught my attention and here we are.. but I guess that's why they're called influencers right?

Long story short two months after that video I purchased a Moon Cup in Boots whilst on holiday in Cornwall because yano, a family holiday is the perfect time to trial something for your period. The Moon Cup comes in two sizes, A - for those 30+ and also those who have given vaginal birth, B - for those under 30 and have never given vaginal birth. So obviously I picked B because I'm under 30 and I've had no babies.

My initial thoughts was it's fucking expensive, but then you realise how much you spend on tampons and how a cup last years so long term it's actually a huge money saver. Thought the packaging was cute and I liked the little bag as makes it easy to store and to travel with hygienically. The whole washing it in boiling water always amuses me just because I'm stood there in a kitchen with a vaginal cup being mixed around in a mug, that was always fun when I lived in a household of lads.

First use was an experience for sure. I had researched techniques and it took a few attempts to see what worked for me. I'm very comfortable with my downstairs department so I was't worried, I'm just not a patient person so it was hard for me not to go "fuck this" and be done. I persisted and found what worked for me, I used a folding inwards technique, squatted in a somewhat strange position and just gave it a slow push in and a twist to get the suction. 

Once in I genuinely couldn't feel it, no different than wearing a tampon but instead of a string you have a little bit of plastic.I went on throughout my day and every now and again I would remember I was wearing it but a matter of seconds go by and I'd forget again. 

Taking it out was a little more difficult, this is when I got paranoid about not being able to break the seal and hurting myself, but like I said before I'm pretty comfortable so I just made sure I squeezed the cup a lot and was gentle with removing it. I was seriously surprised with how little blood filled the cup! When you take out a tampon or take off a pad it often looks scary, but the reality is barely anything - in fact Moon Cups actually have millilitre marks up the side.  Anyway, once removed you just pour the blood away and give the cup a clean (I rinse mine under the tap) and you're back to putting it in again.

Now I've been using it for such a long time remembering how scared I was at the beginning makes me laugh because I don't even think about how I'm putting it in or removing it anymore it's just the norm for me, I can't actually remember the last time I used a tampon! Honestly I would recommend a menstrual cup to anyone, once you get over the fear of trying it and get comfortable with using one you realise how worth it is, it's better for your purse, better for the environment and even better for your health as they reduce the risk of TSS so really it's a no brainer.