5 Tips To Get Rid Of A Clingy Ex

I'm talking about the ex who won't leave you alone - they're heartbroken and just want you back, but they don't quite understand you just aren't on the same page. Some people can quite happily tell their ex partners to fuck off and be done with it but we don't all find it so easy to be straight forward, so I thought I'd share some advice I have been given and learnt by and hopefully it will help those of you who are in this awkward situation.

Be straight forward.
You may not want to hurt him but you have to be honest and be blunt with him. There's no point beating around the bush, you've already done the shitty part by breaking up so it can't get any worse than that. You don't want the confusion and you don't want him to get the wrong end of the stick by being too nice. The more he thinks you care the more he thinks you'll change your mind.

Delete him!
Delete his number, unfollow all his social media's and get rid of him. You don't want the temptation to contact each other and you certainly don't want to be stalking each other's profiles, it's not healthy and doesn't allow you to move on.

Don't be guilt tripped.
It's very easy for him to make you feel guilty, he may do or tell you things that manipulate you into giving him attention. It's a simple fact that he is playing games so don't fall for it other wise you'll be going round in circles. The more you play into his hands the worse you will feel and YOU need to be happy.

Don't reply.
I know this might be hard, because you either want the last word or because you feel bad ignoring him, but every reply you send is an excuse for him to say something back whether it's nasty or nice. Don't forget, there's a block button for a reason.

Move on.
Don't wait for him to move on before you do, you're free to have a life when you feel ready. Everyone breaks up for different reasons so you may be thinking "fuck moving on I'm staying away from guys forever!" but whatever you do needs to make you happy so if you want to go on dates or just have a bit of fun then do that.