Guest Post: Important Dos And Don'ts Of Jersey Dresses

 Jersey dresses are a wardrobe staple for every woman -- and if you don't have one in your wardrobe, you should. Flattering and super comfortable, jersey dresses can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers for a day on the town, or dressed up with a pair of cute flats or heels for a day at the office or night on the town.  

While comparatively versatile in terms of wearability, the jersey dress does come with it's own set of style considerations: its own dos and don'ts to ensure optimal eye-fetching effect.  

Here's how wear (and how not to wear) this signature style.  

Jersey dresses are meant to be worn so that they skim your figure. You don’t want them to be frumpy and overly loose, but a jersey dress is not meant to cling to your body either. If you can see what kind of underwear you’re sporting when you wear the dress, it’s too tight! 

This really goes for any article of clothing you buy: don’t shy away from alterations! It should go without saying that we don’t all have the same shape, and we’re certainly not all the same height, so if you find the length or torso or neckline of your jersey dress isn’t falling just right  — but the rest of it is rocking  — then snag the dress and head to a good seamstress. Most (but not all) jersey dresses fall just above or at your knee, so if you’re on the shorter side and find it is falling at an odd midi-length, have it hemmed (or hem it yourself if you’re handy with your sewing machine!).  

Sure, jersey dresses are a simple style of dress, but your jersey dress doesn’t have to be basic. Opt for a beautiful jersey dress in a playful pattern or bold colour. Since jersey dresses are so figure flattering, now’s the time to slip into that bright pink or electric blue you’d been to shy to wear before. You can rest assured you’ll look amazing.  

DON’T: Forget Accessories 
Jersey Dress

You should never forget to accessorise any outfit, but especially a more simple cut of dress like a jersey. A few accessories can take your garb from day to night: a pair of pearl earrings, and pearl necklace and a pair of ballet flats make your jersey perfect for brunch. A pair of stellar heels and bold, brass bangles and shoulder-dusting earrings transition your jersey to a dress befitting an art gallery opening or a hot date. 

These dos and don’ts are super simple, so you’ll have no problem implementing them next time you wear a jersey dress. Happy styling! 

Regina is a wonderful writer who has previously written two fashion posts on this blog with the first post talking about interview outfits and the second about evening dresses