Give Your Wardrobe A Bit Of TLC In Just 3 Steps

You have spent two hours changing outfits and moaning that you have 'nothing to wear' even though you're standing in front of a very filled wardrobe and let's be honest, you're just going to chuck on a pair of Jamie jeans and a baggy jumper anyway. 

Step One: Clear Out
This is when you need to be brutal with yourself. Ask yourself: Do you wear/use the item? Do you actually need the item? Is the item something that is sentimental that you'll miss?
Start with three piles:
- The keeps
- The get rids; Give these away to friends or charity, or sell them at a car boot/places like Depop/Ebay/Etc.
- The not so sure; If trying on these items doesn't help then question what you would wear them with and if you're still unsure then question whether you've worn it in the last six months, if you haven't then I suggest you should place the item in the get rid pile.

Step Two: Organise.
There is the simplicity of organising the types of clothing e.g tops and bottoms, but everyone is slightly different in how they arrange their clothes and accessories. Always keep your fanciest and most worn items hung up but try to make it so everything is easier to find, that way you aren't rummaging through tons of clothes to find what to wear in the morning. If you're a little stuck I suggest heading over to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I encourage you to think seasonal, if it's summer you won't need to be using valuable space on big coats, jumpers and boots, in the same way as in winter you don't need sandals and bikinis so store these items away whether it's under your bed, in a suitcase or wherever suits you, just bare in mind you will want them handy in case of holidays or a sudden change of weather - especially if you live in the UK.

Step Three: Finishing Touches
Once you've shrunken down your stylish choices and organised to your hearts content you may end up with a shopping list for boxes, hangers, maybe even a new wardrobe? Who knows. This is when you need to make your wardrobe something that is easy to access and doesn't have you rummaging through clothes everyday. I am a sucker for storage so I have under bed drawers for my shoes but as a finishing touch I purchased copper hangers from Primark, things like this make me enjoy my wardrobe a little bit more.


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