Organise Your Tech And Organise Your Life

You unlock your phone and stare blankly at the red circle letting you know that there's 104 unread emails waiting for you, you then get an alert (for the 12th time this week) that your phone software really needs updating.. "another time" you tell yourself whilst pressing cancel. You tap open the Facebook app to be greeted with a parent letting the world know that her two year old has done their first poo in a potty, as well as a middle aged woman sharing a post to look for a lost puppy in Dublin when wait for it - she lives in Brighton.

Hit that delete button and I don't just mean media and files but also remember to delete unneeded contacts, old messages and abandoned applications. By deleting all these bits and pieces you're not only freeing up storage but you'll be able to find things easier and less scrolling = less time wasted. 

Tailor your social media news feeds and unfriend/unfollow the people and pages you just aren't interested in anymore. We are all guilty of following hundreds of Facebook pages when we were 13 but now we live to regret it as they're spamming our feeds with ads, same goes for befriending every student at school and realising some of them are damn right annoying. Having a clear out like this makes social media so much more enjoyable.I

Give your emails some TLC and get your emails read and deleted; don't worry there's a 'mark all' option for those of you that have accumulated a few too many. Every time you get a newsletter that you aren't interested in make sure you unsubscribe, or do what I do and use because it pretty much does the hard work for you. 

Make use of apps and programs because we can't all have a PA so if you're forgetful use the Reminders app to checklist your important to dos. There's also tools such as Cleo which you use for budgeting and keeping on check with your bank balance - I am obsessed with using this so expect a post about Cleo soon.

Make friends with folders and organise what you have in the same way you would organise your dirty laundry. If you're keeping important emails get them arranged into folders so they don't get lost in the abyss and get accidentally deleted. If you're up for it then categories your applications to make your phone screen less cluttered. Your files on your laptop should definitely be in folders which to me goes without saying, but you do you.


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