5 Of The Worst Things About Being An Adult

Go back to the age when you're still at school, constantly wishing you were older and waiting to be at the age where you can do what you want. Then the years go by and just like that you're independent and have responsibility, damn, we all thought being an adult just meant eating chocolate for breakfast and staying in our pyjamas all day.

Having to wash your bedding. The first awful step is stripping your bed to then have to lug it to the washing machine without becoming a knock off Halloween costume. The worst bit is having to make the bed, pillow cases are easy but the sheet that has a mind of it's own is not and the duvet - especially for double (or bigger if you're lucky) beds, you just want your bed made but instead you're breaking a swear fighting with this evil fabric. You know what I also don't suggest? Leaving it so late that you have to make it before getting to bed, no one likes doing that when they just want to sleep.

Booking an appointment for the doctors. This is waaaaaay up there on the worst things about being an adult! No more parents calling for you whilst you're cosied up in bed feeling sorry for yourself but instead you have to face reality and wonder if your health is really worth the hassle because phoning the doctors is like a James Bond mission; the clock hits 59 minutes past and you have your finger on the call button ready but you still won't get through for another half an hour.

Not being able to blame someone else if something isn't washed. No work clothes? Favourite top in the bottom of the laundry basket? Missing dress you were going to wear to the party? That's your fault. By now you've mastered the quickest settings on your washing machine and thank the world you have a tumble dryer - or a launderette.

Making important phone calls. Apparently you can't email your bank when you've bought too many dominoes pizzas and they think you're cards being used for fraud; yes this happened, apparently my Netflix subscription and large dominoes orders were a cause for concern. You wish every company used those automatic robots where you can press numbers instead of speaking to a real person because real people scares you, don't judge me and my food habits Jane.

You hate getting letters in the post. The white envelope on the doormat makes you start to question your entire life and what evil lies inside that small rectangle. A good fraction of your post is simply physical proof of how poor you but once in a blue moon you are lucky enough to receive something nice like coupons and that's how exciting life gets.


  1. This post really made me smile. I think the worst thing about being an adult is ironing. X

  2. Oh gosh I can relate to all of these, however I'd rather wash my bedding five times in a row than make an important phone call haha! x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk


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