Dessert In A Jar

First off, I blame Instagram for this. I was quite happily scrolling through and up pops a yummy dessert in a Masonry Jar that looked far too tempting. Anyone that knows me will be aware of my huge sweet tooth so it took my brain a matter of seconds to get the idea to make one of these jarred treats for own satisfaction.

Just in case you fancy recreating it yourself here's the list of yummy ingredients:

Chocolate Brownies - Crushed, used first to layer the bottom and also added halfway through.
Vanilla Ice Cream - The most important, used to layer after the brownie and inbetween with a large scoop for the top.
Malteasers and Rolos - Used in between layers and to finish on top.
Chocolate Sauce - Let that go everywhere.
Mini Chocolate Doughnuts - For the top to make it even more yummy.

Whipped cream on top would have been perfect but I just forgot to pick up some up, but hey, there's always next time..


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