Guess Who's Back (Back Again)

It feels so damn good to be here writing a post because I can finally say shout; I HAVE WIFI AGAIN! At the end of June Mum and myself put a deposit down on a gorgeous flat and after I returned from my sunny holiday in Mallorca we got our butts in gear and moved in, it's now the end of July and my Virgin package arrived in all it's glory, allowing me to get very frustrated with the mile long wires that make me feel sick just looking at them, but I am finally sat on my laptop with The Michalak's playing on the TV remembering what it's like to be in touch with the online world once again without texts telling me how many gigabytes of 4G I have left.

I feel like I'm talking to an old friend with so much to tell, so let's start with the whole new home thing. In my mind it sounds a little odd to say I'm renting with my Mum, usually your first rented property is on your own or with a partner, maybe even friends, but nope not me - though I definitely count my Mum as friend. I won't go into the details because 1) it's complicated and 2) I don't fancy telling the world the ins and outs of my our personal life, so let's talk about how huge my bedroom is because I literally have so much space I don't know what to do with it.

I'm not going to share photos on here as that will be a separate post when my room isn't a work in progress. My favourite spot in my room so far is 'work space' area, it's where I plan to sit down and blog, edit videos and even do a little work if needs be, all without the habit of adjusting my position on my bed a dozen times like I always have done and currently am doing due to the issue of no chair for my desk yet, anyone would think I'm picky.

The rest of the space in my room is slowly getting filled, I've just bought a storage unit for my bedside and I have a large chest of drawers for most of my clothes. I have a built in wardrobe so didn't need one of those and of course I have my lovely bed, but I currently have a big space the opposite side of my desk that sits empty. I would like a place to store make up and beauty products, but I also want a unit with shelving so as you can imagine I'm finding it pretty tricky to find something that's right but I know I'll come up with something.

Now I've told you a little about the flat; ok my bedroom, I'll talk a little about what's been going on with me. I finally have full time hours at work and I'm now what's called a Team Leader. My own Team Leader handed his notice in and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to go for the role, safe to say my interview went pretty damn well. Safe to say the new flat and the new job role means everything's going ok! I just need to get my head on and start blogging again because damn I've missed it!


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