Lush Valentines Bath Haul

We all know by now that I am slightly obsessed with Lush and although I have quite a few (a large box full is a 'few' right?) of their products waiting to be used, I couldn't resist purchasing more when they released the Valentine's range. How was I supposed to resist rainbow unicorn horns and heart eyed emoji faces? So there I was in the Lush Bournemouth store talking to one of the lovely girls making sure I picked up every Valentine bubble bar and bath bomb with the excuse of purchasing for a blog post in my head.

Lovestruck Bubble Bar
When I first saw the products available in the Valentine range this immediately caught my eye due to the modern emoji design, it's definitely a stand out item. I tend to avoid citrus scented products in Lush but I couldn't resist the brightly coloured bubble bar and luckily the lemon fragrance isn't too overpowering.

Over And Over Bath Bomb
This is the only product I was doubtful to try as I knew it was a citrus scent and it looked a little boring but when the staff member pointed out how the scent resembled cola bottles I couldn't help but agree and quickly popped it into a bag.

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb
I purchased this bomb last year and was very eager to pick it up again, it's very simplistic with a sweet scent but the tiny heart confetti and three larger hearts that soon melt away into the hot water make it this bomb a cutie.

Ladybird Bubble Bar
Another product I have tried previously and as this was the last one left on display I had to give this little lady a home. I've already used her and had a very bubbly, colourful and yummy scented bath.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
I feel like this product speaks for itself, it looks good, it smells good and damn it makes lots of bubbles.

Cupid Bath Bomb
Pink, floral and designed with a arrow through the heart, can it get anymore Valentines than this? It's just so cute.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
Lastly is another product I tried last time round and fell in love with. I was extremely happy to see this return. I love the floral scents and the shade of pink  it turns your water but I especially love the floating petals.



  1. I was SO happy to see Lover Lamp come back too - it's my favourite LUSH bath bomb of all time. I backed away from picking up over and over & lovestruck because of the citrussy scents, they're not my cup of tea either

    Steph -


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