First Impressions And Swatches: Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

Urban Decay has captured my heart when it comes to their Naked range, every time they announce a new palette I cannot wait to get my hands on it so of course when they announced the Naked Ultimate Basics filled I waited patiently for it to be released in the UK and here we are.

The Naked Ultimate Basics Palette is filled with twelve exclusive matte shadows and is what every Urban Decay lover out there has been dreaming of. It also has a huge mirror filling the opposite side and a cute two ended brush, both contributing to this palette being ideal for travel - it's sturdy packaging is lighter than it looks!

The majority of the twelve shadows are very neutral, of course this is expected from any Naked palette but of course there are the darker shades to allow a bit more fun and definition to your make-up look. 

Blow - A demi-matte, which makes it the highlighting shade.
Nude - Exactly as it's named, a completely nude pink.
Commando - This is a is pale taupe.
Tempted - Pale brown.
Instinct - Pink-taupe.
Lethal - Darker brown with a red tone.
Pre-Game - Pale yellow.
Extra Bitter - Burnt orange - my favourite shade in this palette.
Faith - Medium brown.
Lockout - Pure darker matte brown.
Magnet - Gorgeous smoky grey.
Blackjack - Simple black.

It is safe to say I love this palette and I'm so glad Urban Decay listened to everyone's feeback because once again, they have done well! The shades are gorgeous and as always with Urban Decay shadows they're creamy, pigmented and long lasting and the whole range of colours are complimenting of one another.

Tell me your thoughts on the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette! Are you a Naked lover like me?


  1. I personally like the rose hued palette, but I love the original Naked palette with all those rich warm brown hues. I feel like the original Naked palette works best with my yellowy Asian skin tone. The light to medium rose hued Naked 3 palette also works really well for everyday wear.
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