18 October 2016

A Little Autumn Fashion Wishlist

Autumn is the time of year we start to cosy up in blankets, wear baggy knitted jumpers and Starbucks make a fortune out of their much loved PSL, I'd rather stick to tea though. My wardrobe does need a little refresh this Autumn as my taste has changed and I can't stay away from dark colours, is it even possible to own enough black?

Block Print Scarf  - Here
I never think about purchasing scarfs even though they're practically an essential. A trio of colours  makes this one easy to co-ordinate with any outfit.

Black Sweatshirt With Lacing - Here
The lace detailing makes this sweatshirt a little more interesting. I feel like I have to have this.

MOTO Fall Floral Embroidered Mom Jeans - Here
Although MOM jeans aren't my style, these ones are gorgeous with the floral embroidery.

Black Over-The-Knee Block Heel Boots - Here
This year I'm pretty sure I want to find a pair of over-the-knee boots though I'm not sure I have the legs to pull them off. Doesn't hurt to want these though!

Black Cuffed Lace Up Boots - Here
These boots aren't over-the-knee but they are definitely the style I would wear without question. They're perfect for keeping your feet warm and keeping you steady when it's a little icy outside.

Red Checked Flannel Shirt - Here
The perfect piece of clothing for layering up in the colder weather and the burgundy red screams Autumn.

Black Cable-Knit Hat Here
I can't resist a beanie with a bobble but I don't actually own a black one so this one has easily made it's way onto my list.

Blush Clean Hoodie - Here
I am in love with anything blush pink and I also really need some hoodies so this goes hand in hand really.

What pieces of clothing can you not live without when the cold air starts to come around?

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