Fresh Thoughts

Fresh air, sea breeze, sandy feet and a beautiful sunset.. the perfect ingredients for an empty, calm mind.

So here I am with an urge to write a blog post, I have admittedly had a few of these urges but as soon as I start typing I lose the will to write and lose the patience to wait for some sort of inspiration to pop in my head. Part of me wants to talk about where my mind has been- or in someways hasn't been because it really is doing it's own thing these days.. but there's plenty of time for that, for now I just want to blog about nice things and stop letting the negativity entrap me.

I do really want to blog, I want to be apart of the community that I love and I definitely don't want to give this all up when I have got this far. I have been very lucky to have a couple of wonderful guest posts to show some form of  life on here but since then I have still been miles away from blogging myself. Here I am however, writing my second blog post of the night, though of course this will be posted first as the mark of new things to come.

Any advice would be most appreciated!


Comments are always read and appreciated!