The Cotswolds In Photos

You don't always need to travel far to get that feeling of freedom, you just need a bit of fresh air and relaxation away from the things in life that you aren't quite enjoying. 

I'll give you a little summary so you know what's going on, we stayed in an apartment at The Four Pillars Hotel which is the main hotel in the middle of the Cotswold Water Park. The location was lovely, very peaceful and although it was more built up than we expected it was still ideal. There was plenty to do everyday so we ended up seeing lots of wildlife, lots of birds and even old cars. If you'd prefer to watch a video and get more of a feel of what we got up then you can watch my vlog  here.

Have you ever been to The Cotswolds?


  1. I love all these photos - the pictures of the peacock and the flamingos are my favourite! - I've never been to The Cotswolds but it looks lovely and by the lake looks so serene x


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