Favourite Five: YouTubers

I was writing down post ideas and I realised it's been foreverrrrrrrr since I had written a 'favourite five' post?! I realised this opportunity had to be taken to share with you my current favourite YouTubers as the last time I spoke about who I was obsessed with watching was December 2014! I still love them all (especially Hannah Maggs i.e. The Michalaks because Gracie is adorable and Stef is the bees knees) but there's some new subscriptions in my box that need to be mentioned on here.

Sam Evans
This is the guy I have been desperate to write about. He takes YouTube videos to the next level, the filters, the music, the adventures, it's all there and it's all perfect. I feel like I'm stepping into paradise when I watch his 'adventure mode' videos and it has given me a massive urge to step up my editing game, buy a Go Pro, climb trees and head to Australia ASAP. Other than his brilliance of capturing and editing, he seems like a really down to earth guy that is so easy to listen to and follow along.

Mrs Meldrum
I am in love with this woman, her two gorgeous daughters and charming husband. I can't remember how I found her channel but I have really loved getting to know her family, her story and just following them all along especially as there's no fancy pants stuff it's just genuine family life and she even keeps the tantrums and tears in.

Emily Canham
I found Emily's vlog channel on my suggestions and decided to have a little nosey, I then fell in love with her personality she was so easy to watch and seemed so nice and genuine. She lives with her long term also YouTuber boyfriend Jake and I just can't stop watching her, she's so bubbly and sweet but seems happy enough to put her point across and be honest about things.

Lily Melrose
A proper sweetheart, came across her channel and just loved how she does a bit of everything and is a real typical beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger/vlogger. She puts so much effort into her videos and I get a lot of inspiration from her!

Samantha Ravndahl
She is boss. Pretty sure she was in my favourite Instagram accounts or something but she is a queen of Instagram and her makeup is just flawless and even without makeup she is flawless and even her awkward vlogs are flawless. She screams sass but not in a mean girl way, I just need someone like her in my life.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?


  1. I love Mrs Meldrum! I really like Lydia Millen, Hannah Gale and Fashion Mumblr too xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty


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