A Little NYX Haul

I popped into Boots to get a new foundation and in the corner of my eye I spotted a brand new NYX stand and just like that my boyfriend lost me. I was surrounded by Boots colleagues as well as customers who all seemed as eager as myself to try out some of the products NYX had to offer and I really didn't know where to start. I have always been interested in the brand but as it's only started to make its way online for UK buyers in recent times I just haven't got round to it, I just hate the idea of picking makeup shades and products online for them to arrive and leave me disappointed.

In my head I wanted their Highlight and Contour Pro Palette because it looked so perfect online, but in the flesh my opinion completely changed as the palette shades were just far too dark, there was no way a pale girl like me could pull of any of the bottom contour shades no matter how much blending went on. I still wanted a cream contour product so picked up the Wonder Stick Highlight & Contour in the shade Light, it's a double sided pen like product with a light and dark shade, easy to draw on your face in all the right places and blend in with a beauty blender, brush or even your fingers as it's a cream product.

I then visited the other side of the stand and had a quick browse at their eye products with my interest following their brow section where I grabbed a popular Tinted Brow Mascara in the shade Brunette. This is a product I was close to purchasing off Selfridges in the hope to tame my brows.

When it came to the lip products I didn't know where to begin because there are so many! I could of easily bought a lot but told myself to behave and be sensible - whatever that is. I picked up a Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade SMLC 19 Cannes, a nude pink that looks like the perfect go to shade. I also picked up a Butter Gloss in the shade BLG 15 Angel Food Cake which is pretty similar to Cannes but more pinked toned. The third lip product I purchased was a Jumbo Lip Pencil in the shade 720 Honey Nectar as I was really intrigued by these jumbo pencils and this shade surprise surprise is a nude pink but is of course more sheer in comparison to the other two lip products.

The whole time I was purchasing these products I was telling myself it's for the blog, but now I want more products what excuse do I have? Sorry bank balance!

Have you tried anything from NYX?


  1. I'm so desperate to try some NYX products! Definitely need to take a trip to Boots sometime soon. These all sound like such great products. The Wonderstick sounds great!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  2. Keep meaning to try some of the nyx products they look so good, it's great they're now available in boots! I've heard so much about their matte lip creams.
    Beth X



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