Review: Boutique Quad 'In The Twinkling Of An Eye'

It feels like forever since I have written a review, quite odd considering reviews have always been a key topic on my blog. I actually feel a little lost in what to write right now, it's only the second sentence and I have pressed the backspace button far too many times so let's just jump right in.

Boutique is a brand you have probably never heard, it's the cosmetic brand by Sainsbury's that was introduced back in 2013 and is now available in stores all across the UK including the store I work at. I always browse the beauty isle looking at what's on offer and seeing if there's anything exciting to try, though I have never picked up anything from Boutique because let's be honest, a supermarket cosmetic doesn't scream 'try me'.

I have been on the hunt for brown toned eye shadows in a smaller palette to coincide with my Borjois brown colourband and that's when this Boutique Smokey Eye Quad named In The Twinkling Of An Eye caught my attention. There's a white shade perfect for highlighting, a pretty shimmery gold, a dark matte brown and a shimmery rust brown which is my favourite of the four.

It was the exact product I was after, the matte brown was perfect and the other three shades meant I could use the quad to create a simple golden brown smokey eye. It's lightweight and compact making it ideal for travel but doesn't feel like cheap plastic like you may expect, though I'm sure it wont take me long to break it as I seem to with every hinged makeup product I own - does anyone else have a problem with mysteriously breaking the lids of their makeup?

When I swatched the tester palette the colours felt rich and creamy, the pigmentation was really surprising and it was actually tricky to get the shadow of my fingers afterwards, showing me they were probably long wearing. With all these positives from swatching it I of course decided to purchase it and of course using it at home I was even more impressed.

 I've decided to include it in my day to day look this week to give it a true test of time and I'm sure if I am still impressed it will make it's way into my beauty favourites and I may even purchase some of their other makeup products. I am a little dissapointed at their online range though!

Have you ever tried Boutique makeup? 


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