5 Things Non-Bloggers Should Know About Bloggers

This is a difficult post for me to intro, it's kind of based around the fact that many of my friends, family and colleagues know that I have a blog and a YouTube channel. I am very proud of what I do but some people like to make me feel stupid but the amount of questions I get asked shows the lack of understanding of what blogging is and what a blogger does so I couldn't help myself but try to write a post in the hopes of non-bloggers having a bigger idea of what it's all about.

Yes we can make money and get freebies but that really isn't what blogging is about, at least it shouldn't be for any genuine bloggers. There's quite a few ways bloggers can create an income and it's not easy to either. Also freebies are not exactly that, they get send to be reviewed or featured.

"How many followers have you got?" is one of the most annoying questions. There isn't one blogging following platform it is done over several platforms from Bloglovin to Instagram and although you can add them all up it doesn't really work like that. Also it can come across as being nosey because there's more important things than counting numbers.

It's just like any other job in the sense we have to spend a lot of time on it, we have goals and targets to reach and if we don't put the work in we don't get the results. We can still get taxed for our earnings and we even have laws to follow.

Social networking is more than just posting a picture of your cheeky Nandos. When you become a blogger and you're ready to start using social platforms to promote your site you have to become invested in them. You want to be able to share your day to day life but you also need to schedule a ton of tweets for the week, avoid posting any old thing to your now perfect Instagram theme and not to mention take perfect Pinterest pictures.

It really isn't easy even though it may seem it. You may think it's just writing a post, taking a picture and hitting publish when really that post needs to be well written, those pictures need to be perfect and even when you hit publish you need to do all the stuff that makes people read it.

What do you think?


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