Video: London & Ellie Goulding Vlog!

I only decided on having a schedule for my blog and YouTube channel a few weeks a go and I've already failed. I didn't upload a video last Sunday as I wasn't happy with what I had filmed and didn't have the time to refilm and I even missed a blog post the end of last week. Though I have technically missed this Sunday too there is still a video, just a day late as it's my London vlog from Friday.

My friend Callum and I headed to London on Friday as we were seeing Ellie Goulding at the O2 arena and as we both had the entire day free we headed up pretty early to spend the day browsing through shops (Lush Oxford Street was my favourite of course, though Callum complained the whole time saying he couldn't breath - bless) and we ended up doing some sightseeing which you can see in the video. It was safe to say our legs and feet were aching from all the walking which wasn't helped by having standing tickets for the concert either, but it was so worth it. Ellie Goulding was supported by John Newman who was amazing and as it was her last show of the tour it was extra special to see.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this vlog, it took quite a long time to edit as there was nearly 100 clips and although I did a lot more vlogging in public than I ever thought I would it's still a bit mismatch in places so bare with!


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