How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Brush cleansing is one of those tasks that is a pain in the backside but has to be done. It might actually surprise you when I say it needs to be done but your brushes hold a lot of bacteria and can cause breakouts, give you eye infections, skin irritation and of course they cause makeup application to not go as well as it would with a clean brush.

Now I've got the gross stuff out the way I thought I'd share with you how I clean my brushes because admittedly I never even knew I was supposed to clean the brushes let alone how to and now I do it makes a nice blog post that can come in handy for you.

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is cleaning your brushes quickly and easily, this is something that you can do when you aren't feeling up to deep cleaning yet and you need a brush, I tend to do this in between deep cleaning to keep pigmentation at it's best. There are quite a few options for spot cleaning products, I use the MAC Brush Cleanser but I pour it into a travel bottle so I can have a pump lid to make life a little easier.

I simply spritz the cleanser onto my brush or a kitchen roll and then swirl the brush on the roll until there's no longer colour coming off the brush. The best thing about spot cleaning is the brushes tend to dry quickly as it's only the outside bristles that have been cleaned, but this is why you still need to deep clean.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is the one we all hate because you actually have to spend some time and effort. You should deep clean your brushes once a month or more, remember the more product that builds up on the brush the harder it will be to clean - I've learnt that the hard way!

There's a lot of options when it comes to what product you should use, fairy liquid works perfectly and so do shampoos but there are specific cleansers available, I've started using the Real Technique Brush Cleanser that I was gifted at Christmas.

I will squeeze a small amount of the product onto the brush or my hand and then simply circle the brush around and then run it under slightly warm water. When it comes to foundation brushes I tend to spend a little longer to get in the centre of the bristles where the makeup really builds up. To make life a lot easier there a lot of brush cleansing gloves and tools so you don't have to massage the brush on your hand, I use the Makeup Revolution Tool but I really want to try the Real Technique Palette because it looks perfect.

When it comes to drying your brushes I tend to dry them in a towel to remove excess water and keep the shape of the brush. I then lay them down flat on my dressing table, usually on a towel to collect water. You should never dry your brushes stood up (bristles at the top) as the water can run inside the brush affecting the glue in the funnel area which will loosen the bristles and there's nothing worse than using a brush that leaves black bristles all over your face.

How do you clean your brushes?


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