Guest Post: How To Look Like A Designer's Dream On A Budget

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As a woman who loves fashion, I want to look like a million dollars every time I step out of my house – whether to go to work or to run errands. I don’t want to wait for a special occasion to buy an expensive dress and look my best but since I don’t have the pay checks of a celebrity, buying designer clothes like there is no tomorrow is not practical in my case. 

This being said, I found that it is easier than you might think to look like a designer’s dream every day without having to spend thousands on your wardrobe. It took a bit of research and snooping around fashion blogs and online fashion magazines to come up with the following list of ways we can all look expensive, without having to spend a lot of money. 

Wear clean and well-ironed clothes 
Sounds obvious but I still see women heading to the office in a creased blouse or wearing pants that have a small stain. The best way to never committing this fashion mistake is to choose one day a week when you do laundry and iron all of your clothes.  

Wear nude tones 
I got this tip from Madeliene Rose's fashion blog − a blogger who loves incorporating nude tones in her outfits. I love mixing such delicate tones, like a blush pink top with white peg trousers or wear a nude dress for a romantic look when I am heading out to dinner. The best part of this is that you can find quality basics that are not too expensive in these nude tones.  

Tailor your clothes 
So many fashion experts have insisted on this point. Even if it is the cheapest jacket in the world, having your tailor seam it in, so that it fits you perfectly, will make the jacket look as if it was custom made for you and what better way to look like a designer’s dream than by wearing custom pieces.  
Invest in timeless wear 

A classic trench coat or a little black dress; a silk blouse or a camel coat, investing in quality, timeless wear is another way of looking like a designer’s dream. I tend to spend a bit more on these kind of items, than on the trendier pieces and the reason is that I know they will serve for years to come and never go out of style.  
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Wear tonal colours 
Channel minimalist chic and look expensive by wearing tonal colours like an all-black or an all-white ensemble. Bloggers like Sarah Donaldson from Harper & Harley, give so many great tips on how to master minimalist chic. Same as with the nude tones, it is easy to master this look without breaking your budget by investing in quality basics, then mixing and matching.  

Rich colours are always a good idea 
When minimalism is not your thing, then going for fashion pieces in rich wintry colours is best. I love a dark emerald green or an impeccable dark blue. You can also find rich purple pieces or dark reds to mix with your nude basics for a show stopping look.  

Well-fitted clothes 
Sounds like another no-brainer, but again, we have all seen women wearing a shirt that is too tight or a dress that is too short. Always wear clothes that fit you well and accentuate the best part of your body. Learn about your body shape and which silhouettes fit you best. This also goes for the undergarments you wear. Panty lines are just wrong even if you are wearing haute couture and a bra that is too small makes the whole outfit look cheap.  

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Since designer bags can be super expensive, I like to buy handbags that have a bit more structure to them, rather than going for a hold all bag or a shopper bag. The structure of the bag makes it look more elegant and expensive. When it comes to jewellery, going for delicate stacked rings and thin necklaces suggest more elegance than huge but fake stone rings or bejewelled necklaces with too much going on.  

These are some of the ways I channel luxurious style on a budget. Have I missed anything? Do you have any other tips you would like to share? Have your say below! 

Bio: A fashion lover and a book hoarder, you can find Sarah Schembri in a garden somewhere, reading a book and rocking the latest trends. Follow her journey on Instagram. 


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