February Snaps

Is February really over already? It's three months into the year tomorrow yet feels like it was 2015 a matter of days ago. The month of love (for some more than others) has been a little on the boring side for me, it's really just a carry on from January. My driving lessons are going well but my healthy eating/fitness has gone down the drain, when my period was due I could not stop eating sugary foods which makes me feel like eating well in January was a waste of time but I'm hoping to get back on track.

I've barely posted on here this month as I wanted to be focused on both my YouTube channel and blog equally, I spoke about this a bit more on yesterday's post if you're interested. There is of course a new video on my channel, perfectly timed to make sure I'm posting this snaps post! In regards to my channel and blog I have decided to attempt a schedule; uploading a YouTube video every Sunday with an accompanying blog post and two blogs post in the week on Tuesdays and either Thursdays or Fridays. I really wanted a schedule in place to make things a little more organised and it will hopefully encourage me to keep my blog and channel balanced.

In regards to Instagram it's safe to say I have been trying hard to keep it themed with white and grey tones. It's been a little difficult to make sure I am posting something everyday but keeping with the theme is easier than I expected and it's definitely worth while!

Don't forget to link your Instagram I love finding new ones.


  1. Your feed is SO beautiful, love it and I really love these types of posts.



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