12 January 2016

Ted Baker 10 Carat Kiss Gift Set

This Ted Baker gift set has been sat on my dressing table since Christmas day as I refused to take it out of the packaging due it's prettiness, but the time has now come for the products to be removed from the floral octagon - of which my Mum quickly expressed her happiness about. I really wanted the Ted Baker foldable compact mirror from Boots for Christmas and I was so sure my Mum purchased it for me, instead I unwrapped this and was pleasantly surprised. It's called the 10 Carat Kiss set as it includes two lipglosses, a lip/cheek tint as well as a pretty little mirror.

I don't own many lipglosses so I'm excited to try these, one swatch and the pigmentation was fantastic. I'm definitely looking forward to trying the tint, though the shade may be a little dark to use on my cheeks it is perfect the lips. I definitely want more Ted Baker gift sets in the future!

Have you tried any Ted Baker makeup? 

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