January Snaps

Throughout my time blogging there has been plenty of posts I've attempted to do on monthly basis but my Instagram snaps post is the only one that has truly lasted. I've just checked and this is my third year of doing a January snaps, how crazy is that?! Safe to say they have definitely improved over time, especially in comparison to my first ever snaps post.

January tends me to be a rollercoaster of a month, the new year means setting new goals, trying new things and often changing things. I didn't write my goals/resolutions on the blog this time round as I felt it was a little pointless, they're always similar to the year before and I didn't feel like I wanted to just repeat myself, I'd rather talk about my goals and achievements as they happen.

I started off the month with the focus of eating healthy, it's been a lot easier than I thought I just wish I wasn't a fussy eater. I won't go too much into it here as I will probably have a post going up.  In relation to goals I had my first driving lesson this month and even though I was extremely nervous about booking lessons I'm so pleased I went ahead and done it. I cannot wait to be able to drive myself everywhere and get some independence.

In regards to Instagram I have definitely been doing well, if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I've started to theme my profile and I am very pleased with how it looks. It is hard work to keep the photos the same style so they all match but it is 100% worth it. On the blog front however I have definitely been slacking, I have found it really hard to write so hopefully that will sort itself out. I'm just not going to pressure myself with posting loads of content, after all quality over quantity.

I hope January has been a great month for you.


  1. I actually wrote posts like this for few months but I gave up on them, props to you for writing them for 3 years! And your instagram looks amazing, love all these photos. Lovely post <3

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

  2. Do you use your phone to take your pictures or a camera? X


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