A New Year A New Start

In my post 'A Little Update' I spoke about how I was planning to rebrand my blog. I disliked using the term Colourful Stuff and hated how I couldn't match it perfectly on every social media account nor as a domain.

I've spent months contemplating blog names and social media handles but simplisticy seemed key. My YouTube channel is called UploadJess so it made sense to change my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to the same username. It didn't sound right as my blog name however, so that led me to calling my blog quite simply my full name, Jessica Lauren Hatcher.

I'm sure I'll be implementing a new theme very soon, this will mark a fresh start for my blog. I'll be back to posting regularly and also uploading on my YouTube channel more, I'm happy to make this the year my blog comes priority.

So goodbye Colourful Stuff.

Don't forget this means I have a new BlogLovin too!


  1. It's the perfect time for a fresh start. Happy New Year Jess x

    Erin | beingerin.com


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