Tips For Organising Your Wardrobe

This is a 'Tips For Organising' post that I really wanted to write. Realistically we live out of wardrobes, what we wear changes everyday depending on where we're going, what we're doing and even who we see. Having a tidy organised wardrobe is extremely beneficial for your mind as well as your fashion sense, so let's get on with my tips to organise your wardrobe without getting overwhelmed.

Be harsh, don't hoard.

This is my golden rule and my boyfriend's mum hates me for it. I am like this with everything but specifically clothing, I just don’t see the need for taking up valuable wardrobe space with pieces you haven’t touched let alone worn in years. It's not just about the clothes you haven't worn in awhile either, it's about those that don't fit or you don't even like on, bag them up and donate them, sell them or see if any of your friends want them.

If like my boyfriend and his mum you struggle to get rid of clothing, maybe it cost you a lot of money or has a special memory, then imagine me shaking my head at you but trying on clothes can help you make a decision, often clothing looks better on the hanger.

Adapt to the seasons.

I'm explaining this point a matter of minutes after adapting my wardrobe to Autumn/Winter and it is safe to say most of my wardrobe was for the hotter weather, I now have a lot of spare hangers after clearing out short dresses, thin tees and denim shorts!

You really don't need wool coats in May and flip flops in December, don't get me wrong if your style includes crop tops and shorts in Winter then fair enough, I'm just talking about general practicality, you do you!

Make the most of storage solutions.

As much as we all want a walk in wardrobe the size of a house, you have to make use of the space you have. I have to use my wardrobe to store more than clothing so I've been making changes to give myself that extra space.

Ikea is probably one of the best places to find storage solutions, whether you want to re-do your entire wardrobe or just get some boxes. Just make use of the space you have.

Get out the needle and thread.

Just because those leggings have a little tear or that jacket's zip is stuck it doesn't mean it should go in the bin and be replaced. Save money by fixing the loved pieces of clothing that still has life left in it. I have to emphasise that not everything is worth fixing, a t-shirt that looks like it's been attacked by a lion has probably seen better days.

Are you good at keeping your wardrobe tidy or are you of a floordrobe person? x


Comments are always read and appreciated!