Tips For Festive Gift Wrapping

One of my favourite things about Christmas is wrapping the presents, this may seem a little odd as I know a lot of people feel gift wrapping is a chore. I find wrapping really easily, I know how to make it neat without taking a lot of time, I love using cute accessories and there's such a choice of pretty wrapping paper. 

As I do enjoy wrapping so much I thought I'd share my top tips and tricks as well as my favourite places to buy gift wrap and accessories, whether the thought of gift wrapping bores you or you just need a little bit of inspiration. 

5 tips and tricks

Cut a larger amount of paper then you sized up, there's nothing worse than trying to wrap a present to realise you haven't got enough paper.

Fold over edges to make it neater, especially if you're wrapping looks a little on the wonky side.

Have your sellotape already cut up in strips so it's quick and easy to use, just don't stick the strips onto something that will get ruined.

Weigh down paper with an object like your phone, whether the present is sliding out the other end or the paper is rolling back.

Use gift boxes and bags for those awkward presents that don't like being wrapped, just cover in pretty tissue paper and voila!

5 favourite stores

Paperchase - The number one place for everything you need when it comes to gift wrapping, need I say no more.

Sainsbury's - Supermarkets are definitely an affordable place to head to for your wrapping needs. They've had some great modern additions this year, including the rose gold paper I used! Not to mention their wrapping paper now includes grids on the inside to help you cut in a straight line.

Tiger - They have some really nice bits for wrapping in here, I stocked up on plenty of pretty ribbons and festive washi tape because not only is it all lovely, it's very cheap.

Marks and Spencer -They do surprise me with the large range of high quality gifting options, they're wrapping paper is one of my favourites as it's very good quality and like Sainsbury's they have grids on the inside.

Hobbycraft - I love the odd bits and pieces Hobbycraft sell, perfect to get a little creative but still keeping it affordable. 

Do you love or hate wrapping your Christmas presents? x


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