01 December 2015

Christmas Jumpers For Her

It's the first of December which means we'll be seeing a lot of people sporting festive and fun Christmas jumpers, I'll be wearing my H&M tree sweatshirt at work from today onwards. If you haven't got your jumper yet or you're thinking of buying another because why the hell not, then here's twelve jumpers that will hopefully give you some inspiration!

Minnie Mouse - £20 from Tesco
Pug Reindeer - £20 from Next
This Is My Xmas Jumpers - £28 from ASOS
This Girl Loves Santa - £32 from ASOS Curve
Reindeer Print - £19.50 from M&S
I Only Do Mornings On December 25th - £19.99 from New Look

Santa - £25 from Simply Be
Mince Pies Before Guys - £18 from Miss Guided
Rudolph - £35 from Next
Sequin Holly - £26 from Dorothy Perkins
Express Your Elf - £26 from Dorothy Perkins
Oh Snap Gingerbread - £18 from Miss Guided

Have you bought a Christmas jumper yet? x


  1. Love Christmas jumpers! These are really cute picks, love the Sequin Holly one!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  2. I bought the "This Girl Loves Santa" one and it was such an awkward fit! Hopefully next year they come out with some more flattering ones. I love This Is My Xmas Jumper & I Only Do Mornings On December 25th x

    Erin | beingerin.com


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