22 November 2015

Gift Guide: Secret Santa £10 or less.

Christmas is a matter of weeks away so it's the perfect time to start posting loads of gift guides to help you find those perfect gifts. I'm starting off with secret santa as you tend to get these gifts a bit earlier, it was hard to choose only a small selection but i think I've done well and there's even a few cheeky ideas thrown in the mix. The best part of this gift guide is everything is £10 or less so there's no need to worry about overspending.

Him or her.

Horniest Person In The Office Mug£5 from Ann Summers
If you work in an office there's a high chance you know someone who deserves this cheeky mug!

Don't Be A Dick Pin£5 from Not On The High Street
A sly way of telling someone they're a dick head, just banter right?

Grammar Book£7.99 from Urban Outfitters
If you know the right person to give this to it will make the perfect gift, just don't go offending anyone.

Nodding Pug£7 on ASOS
Did you get the pug lover for your secret santa? Well I bet they'll love this guy on their windowsill.

King For The Day£5 on ASOS Queen For The Day - £3 on ASOS
I'm not sure why it costs more to be a fake king than a queen, but I'm sure you know someone who will love pretending they're powerful royalty for the day.

Bullshit Button£8 from ASOS
I know plenty of people who deserve this gift, there's a reason this is secret santa.


Gin and Tonic Lip Balm - £10 on Not On The High Street
A little gift for that lady who loves a good gin and tonic on their night off.

Ryan Gosling Calendar - £8.99 on ASOS
This is a secret santa present that would definitely put a smile on someones face.

Selfie Mirror Keyring£5 from Topshop
There's plenty of females in this generation who deserve this keyring!

Cola Willies£3 from Ann Summers
Someone in your secret santa deserves to get edible willies.

Little Miss Trouble Mug - £8.95 ASOS
Why not let that troublemaker think up a master plan why drinking tea?


Enormous Boobs Book£6.99 on ASOS
For the lad that LOVES boobs.

Beard Bottle Opener£6 from ASOS
There's a lot of cool beard related gifts, but this is definitely cool and useful at the same time.

The Little Book Of Foreign Swear Words - £5.99 on ASOS
I'd suggest this is a book for someone with a sense of humour that's easy to sent off.

Condom Holder and Little Black Book£10 on ASOS
For that horny lad that claims he's slept with everyone.

Man Flu Set£10 on ASOS
I'm sure every guy should have one of these, poor things..

I definitely recommend ASOS for novelty gifts on a budget, but if you've got a bit more to spend than Urban Outfitters is the site to head to.

Keep your eyes peeled for more focused gift guides, feel free to tell me what guides you'd like to see! x


I read all the comments, they mean a lot! x

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