Tips For Organising Your Inbox

I am definitely the type of girl who likes to keep everything organised, I've already posted about clearing and organising your PC but now it's time to be a bit a bit more in-depth and give a little guidance on having a tidy inbox. 

Delete, delete, delete!
When it comes to organising anything you always need to have a clear out, in this case it's about deleting those emails you really don't need anymore. If you're one of those people who has never deleted a single email this will take a while, but once it's done you'll feel a lot better for it.

I'm not telling you to delete every email, because the next step is all about organising those emails you want to keep.

Folders are your best friend.
There's always emails that need to be kept for a short (or long) while so rather than keeping all those PayPal receipts, brand opportunities and order confirmations jumbled up in your inbox you should get them organised into folders.

I have a folder named 'Blog Emails' and sub folders for guest posts, payments I've made etc. This way I can find the email I need in a matter of seconds rather than scrolling for days, this is even better if you've forgotten to reply to that brand and need to refer to their previous email.. guilty.

Block that spam.
If you're email provider is great at doing it's job it should be spending any spam emails to your junk, if not then make sure you send it to junk. If you do want to keep your inbox nice and tidy I definitely encourage blocking any spam senders to prevent you receiving emails telling you that you've won the lottery or that there's a sale on penis pills.

Do you really need 249 subscriptions?
I'm sure the answer to this is no, unless you're an newsletter hoarder. It's quite easy to get into a habit of subscribing to newsletters, especially when you've done a bit of online shopping, but it's just as easy to unsubscribe and stop receiving those daily emails that you don't even read.

If you don't fancy doing the unsubscribing yourself you can use sites like which allow you to sort your subscriptions out in a few clicks, they also do a 'roll' which allows you to filter subscriptions you want to keep out of your main inbox into a seperate folder.

Keep up the organisation.
Realistically you should be checking your emails daily, so when you do you should be sorting the emails you're reading straight away, either deleting the ones you have no interest in, moving the ones you want to archive into folders, etc. There's no point cleaning up your inbox to have it cluttered again!

What are your tips for keeping a tidy inbox? x


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