Tips For Clearing & Organising Your PC

I thoroughly enjoy organisation, whether it's just sorting my iPhone apps or having a full wardrobe clear out, it's just pleases me keeping things in place. I thought I'd use my love for organisation to write a few tips post to help and maybe even encourage some of you to organise parts of your life, starting off with your PC.

Giving my laptop a little TLC is something I've made sure to do on my week off work. As I spend a majority of my time on my laptop I find it really important to give it some attention so it doesn't run slow, my hard drive doesn't fill up and I can actually find things.

Tips For Clearing & Organising Your PC

Have a clear out
It's easy to keep filling your libraries with blog photos, selfies and videos dated from the day you got your computer so the first step is to get deleting. If you don't need that file anymore then it's time to say goodbye and you won't believe how much space you could free up.

Clearing out doesn't just mean deleting your usual files either, you should also have a browse through your programs and seeing if there's anything you don't need. Going onto your browser and clearing out your cache etc, is also important to do regularly.

Use your space wisely
There's always those photos of a holiday or an old video that you don't want to delete so why not move those files onto a form of external storage? You can purchase a hard drive, memory stick or even just a CD.

There's also online sites such as Dropbox for everything, Flickr for photos and you could even replace your folder of school disco classics for Spotify to keep your favourite songs a few clicks away.

Be organised
I adore keeping my files organised in their appropriately named folders and I even have my hard drive split into two, one half holds everything blog related with the other half storing the rest. My desktop has only three short cuts, but if you do like to keep a lot of shortcuts on your desktop you can get wallpapers to sort them into areas such as work, personal, to do etc. so there's no excuse to have a tidy desktop!

Naming and placing everything properly is very pleasing and it means you can find things a lot easier especially if you have a lot of files.

Keep up to date
Those annoying notifications that tell you to restart your computer or to update your antivirus are definitely annoying but don't put them of for too long. Updating your software allows your computer to run better and I'm sure I don't need to explain why you should always keep your antivirus up to date!

Clean the outside
There's no point giving your computer some care on the inside if you're going to leave the outside dirty. You should regularly clean your screen and keyboard but you can also purchase some compressed air to get the dust out of the nooks and crannies.

What are your tips for keeping your computer happy? x


  1. This is a great post- I recently cleared out my laptop and phone and I feel so much better now it's all done.


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