Review: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

I have been talking about purchasing Urban Decay's new Smoky Palette since it was announced. I already own the three Naked palettes so it would be rude not to get this one right? I was stubborn and chose not to order it online, just because I wanted to have it my hands as soon as I purchased it, so I've had to wait a while before I could pop into town and even once purchased I haven't even used it as I wanted to keep it pristine for these blog photos, nightmare!

 Although this is a labelled a review, there's no swatches and I haven't tried and tested the shades yet. There's a few reasons for this, mainly being the fact that I'm late on the bandwagon so there's plenty of reviews around the internet (This one from Sparkling Beauty is great) but my main reason is that I want to create make up looks using this palette, allowing you to see the shades in use. This review is more of look but don't touch review!

One thing I love about this product is the packaging, it feels and definitely looks lot nicer than the other Naked palettes, it screams classy. What I love most about the palette is the matte shades as the previous large Naked palettes don't include a lot of matte shades individually whereas this one comes with four. I also love the order of shades, they've separated the shimmers and mattes, with the shimmers being in light to dark order and mattes in dark to light.

The range of shades is pretty great, you've got a matte and a shimmer highlight shade, there's pletny of neutral colours, then there's the darker shades with blues and purples which are the key for this being a palette to create a smoky eye.

I cannot wait to start using this palette, I love Urban Decay's shadows as they are pigmented and last all day. I can already tell I'll be using the shade Whiskey a lot and it'll be fun to use the blues and purples as they're not shades I'd usually use, especially Slanted!

Have you got this palette? If not are you interested? x


  1. I AM DYING. I can't believe you already have three of the Naked ones and THIS one too! I really really want this, and my friend's even asked me to get her one but I don't know if I should/could justify spending on yet another palette.... Aaaah! Can't wait to see you create the looks :) it looks absolutely divine! I have the Naked2 myself but I'm loving the more purple-y shades on Smokey... mmmm!

    Cherie / sinonym


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