Keeping It Simple

A pair of jeans and a cotton shirt paired with trainers and sunnies is an outfit that screams simplicity and is probably something a lot of people throw on daily but for me it's completely out of my comfort zone.

If you read my Autumn Haul you'll be aware I purchased my first pair of jeans in well, years. I have lived in leggings for so long now I thought Jeans were horrible and didn't suit me but out of no where I was determined to find a pair I loved and it was successful as I landed my hands on a pair of Topshop Jamie jeans. These are so comfy and I like the rips, though I've just purchased two pairs without rips to help stop the old people staring with a confused expression.

This shirt was actually supposed to be returned, I loved it on the hanger but once I got it home and tried it on with leggings I looked like I should be a member of a hospital drama. I never got round to returning it and I'm glad as it works perfectly with my jeans, though I wish it was a size smaller. As I was so unsure about this shirt I asked on Twitter how to style it and everyone suggested a leather jacket so it looks like I need to invest in one especially now the weather is colder.

| Shirt - New Look  | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - VANS | Rings - H&M | CASIO Watch - ASOS | Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Tell me how you'd dress this outfit up! x


  1. I think you look great in jeans . I'm glad to find a pair you like
    The color palette


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