09 October 2015

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

I was planning on writing up a Autumnal themed wishlist for clothes but as I've just done a haul it didn't feel right so I thought I'd share my inspiration with you instead. When I'm looking for inspiration there's one place I will always head to: Pinterest, even though I'll never look as good as any of the girls in the photos!

 Baggy knits, chelsea boots and dark jeans are three fashion favourites for this chilly month when you want to stay wrapped up but don't want loads of layers. It's nice to try and throw a bit of colour into the outfit though, dark reds are a good option for Autumn but mustard yellow looks great if you suit it.

All these images can be find via my Pinterest fashion board, don't forget to share your Pinterest links in the comments, I love finding new accounts to follow.

Where do you turn to for fashion inspiration? x


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  1. I absolutely love the collection of outfits featured in this post!
    Autumn is definitely the time for darker colours and I'm the type of girl who wears a lot of black and grey and adores burgundy and plum hues. These outfits are great and I love your sense of style! :)



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