September Snaps

It seems in every snaps blog post I talk about how quick the month has gone, but September has seriously flown by! I always find that once it's October it's all about the special events and the countdown to Christmas which is now only a few months away, but less talk about Christmas and more about how I've found the past four weeks aye?

I've been trying to stick to posting to Instagram on a regular basis though been a bit more difficult as I haven't been blogging much so I can't just post a bunch of blog photos, and I haven't been very social either other than a shopping trip. On that shopping trip however I went to Pizza Express for the first time which is a huge deal for me as I haven't liked pizza in years so I now eat margherita pizzas which aren't too daring, but cheese and tomato pizzas are better than no pizza right?

The best part about September is having last week off work, I really put my head down and focused on my blog, funnily enough I'm writing this during my week off because I'm getting so ahead again! I've also been completing a large to do list such as selling things, changing bits in my room and even giving my laptop some TLC which I've decided to create a blog post out of, sharing my tips with you to giver your pc a little love, that post will be going up in a few days.

Now it's time to plan for October, prepare some fun halloween make up looks and enjoy Autumn!

How's your September been? x


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