08 September 2015

Review: Lush The Experimenter

The Experimenter bath bomb was one of the lucky few products from Lush's Oxford Street store to be made as a more permanent line so I've been waiting for the chance to pop into one of my local stores and pick up the bright funky shaped product everyone's been talking about.

Lush Experimenter
Lush Experimenter

I was definitely looking forward to trying this bad boy at all, it sounded and looked fun and I was definitely in the mood for trying something different. I was quite surprised at the scent of the bomb, I was expecting something fruity but instead it was quite musky and there was not really a stand out smell, it wasn't something I loved or loathed.

Once the bath bomb touches the water it starts to fizz all around the bathtub. The yellow and pink shade were the most vibrant on the surface with hints of purple though the purple section of the experimenter was a little slow compared to the other sections and needed a little crumble for encouragement. The end result was a slightly purple-grey shaded bath, plenty of glitter and trails of pink, yellow and purple on the surface surrounded in white..

Lush Experimenter
Lush Experimenter

I found this bomb fun for the first five minutes, but after that it just seemed a little bit boring. Once I stepped into the bathtub the fun patterns disappeared and I was soon left with just lots of glitter in odd purple-grey water. It definitely was just an experiment and I won't be purchasing the bomb again, hopefully the next Lush product I use is a little more pleasing.

Have you tried this bath bomb? x



  1. Well at least it looked fun and pretty to begin with! I've only ever tried one Lush bath bomb ever (don't use the bath often sadly) and it was the Sex bomb (lol IT WAS ROSE AND NICE OKAY) and that stay for really long - it smelled really good and my skin was so ~supple~! Not sure when my next purchase will be since I won't be taking any baths soon hahah!

    Cherie / sinonym

    1. You should try some of their other products that aren't for the bath! The Sex Bomb is one of my favourite bath bombs, I always repurchase it! Try something like a shower gel or even a face mask, they're fantastic.

  2. This looks so cool! I want to try it so bad x

  3. I bought this for my little sister alongside a few other bath bombs after being. She hasn't used it yet but I'm excited to see the results first-hand X



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