27 September 2015

An Autumn Clothing Haul

 I purchase plenty of clothes but I've never posted a clothing haul on my blog, so here we are! I've been on two shopping trips recently and it's safe to say I've purchased plenty and I've tried to get some Autumnal pieces why I'm at it.

Burgundy jersey top from H&M - I realised I don't have plain t-shirts and burgundy is one of my favourite colours for Autumn, this is the perfect top for layering or just to wear around the house.

Long dark blue t-shirt from H&M - When I went on a second shopping trip I found this blue plain tee, I got this in a smaller size as it's oversized anyway but that makes it perfect to pair with leggings.

Babes Love Brunch from Topshop - I absolutely love Tee And Cake tees from Topshop, I kind of own too many of them really but they're so comfy. I love the slogan of this one, it definitely suits me as I tend to have brunch all the time so when my boyfriend told me to purchase it there was no hesitation!

Ripped MOTO Jamie jeans from Topshop - I've been eager to try getting a pair of jeans as I haven't owned let alone worn a pair for years! Topshop was an obvious choice to get a good quality pair of jeans as they have a wide range of styles, Jamie is definitely perfect for me so I purchased these with rips in the knees. I'm definitely going to get some without rips and I also want them in grey! 

Grey Ribbed Blanket Cardigan from New Look - I have to say I completely disagree that this is a grey colour, it's much more of a beige shade! I've been after a cardigan of this style for a while after I spotted a very overpriced one on ASOS, I knew New Look would get something in sooner or later so when I spotted this I was very happy. It's so soft and I can't wait to start wearing it.

Burgundy V-Neck Jumper from H&M - I loved this jumper when I spotted it, it's right up my street for throwing with a pair of leggings. The v-neck is a little different for me but make it's a lot nicer and more flattering.

Patterned woven scarf from H&M - You know it's an Autumn hall when there's a scarf involved. I don't own any scarves and I regretted it last year so I knew I needed to get at least one this time round. I was going to opt for a plain grey one but when I saw this I loved it too much, it's nice to have a range of neutral colours as it will be able to go with anything, oh and it's super soft btw.

I also purchased some earrings from New Look, gold rings and a silver pendant necklace from H&M and a new pair of Vans!

Have you bought any new pieces of clothing lately? x


  1. Everything is so cute. I really like those jeans from Topshop :)

  2. Oooh, I loved everything in this haul! I do need to get some plain T-shirts thoughl getting them in colours is such a good idea!

    Happy Autumn, and happy Sunday, Jessica!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. It's easy to just get white and black t-shirts or one's with slogans on, yet there's loads in different colours! Thankyou x

  3. I love the burgundy jumper and that scarf, it definitely looks soft haha. I like H&M scarves as well as the ones from Primark. x



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