17 September 2015

A Bedroom Wishlist

As there are loads of nice pieces in the shops and I'm eager to restyle my bedroom I thought I'd share some of the items I've been wanting on here. This wishlist seems to be very monochrome based as I'm trying to remove the random colours in my bedroom and bring in some more silver and white tones, keeping it more mature without throwing most of the contents in my room away (and annoying my mum in the process). I'm sure some of these pieces will be making their way into my hands soon.

Marble Ceramic Plate
Find it here on H&M
This screams blogger, especially as it would be great for photo backgrounds, but I'd love it to give a bit of texture to blank surfaces and it's perfect for throwing my keys and other loose items on.

Pineapple Candle
Find it here on H&M
I spotted this on someone's Instagram and I think I might get one in silver and white to put next to each other on my window sill.

Silver Rim Vase
Find it here on Zara Home
I absolutely love this vase! It would work perfectly in my room and I know it'll be good quality as it's from Zara.

Wooden Openwork Box
Find it here on Zara Home
This box looks so cute, I'm not sure what I'd use it for but I'm sure I could make it work.

Tangle Photo Frame
Find it here on Urban Outfitters
I love the choices of photo displays on Urban Outfitters and this one is fantastic. I want to remove the cork board above my bed and replace it with something to display photos and postcards, so this is perfect.

Silver Glass Box 
Find it here on H&M
When I saw this on their site weeks ago I loved it, now I know I want to incorporate silver into my bedroom it's definitely a perfect choice.

Marble Ceramic Mug
Find it here on H&M
This would be perfect to pair with the tray and I would definitely use it for make-up brushes!

Are there any homeware shops you'd recommend? x


  1. I'm trying to go with the 'white and silver/grey' theme in my room too and these would look perfect. I'm in love with the photo frame and the marble plate and mug.


  2. Love that photo frame. I hope you get everything on this wish list its all so nice.

  3. I love the Pineapple! I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to Pineapples haha I wish we had a H&M closer xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty


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