Two Years Down

Two years ago on the fourth of August I entered the blogger URL and clicked create a blog, two years later I am here with a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogged name Colourful Stuff and I'm damn happy to be doing it.

It's quite surprising that I've been doing this for two years because I feel like I've been doing it for a lot less time.  My very first post what a little introduction and it was followed by a post about Katy Perry's hit roar, I then went straight into beauty and lifestyle posts with little knowledge about blogging. I started off with the blog name and URL 'lavaly' and when I took the step to change it to 'colourful stuff' I feel I started to take blogging a lot more seriously and get more passionate about it as a hobby.

I hope there are many more years to come and that I'm only going to grow and improve as time goes on.

Thankyou to my readers, both old and new. You mean the world to me x


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