A Summer's Day

Not long ago a posted A Quiet Sunday and I was very happy with the photos and found the post easy to write so when me and Craig spontaneously decided to shoot an outfit post (that will be on here soon) it was clear I was going to shoot some of my own photos of the surroundings and put them into a post, though I don't have much to say as it will all be in the outfit post.

I probably don't talk enough about my passion for photography but much like blogging it's a hobby I never want to give up and would love to have a career in. It's funny because my blog photography definitely slacks in comparison to any photography away from the blog and I have no idea why! I hope you've liked these photos and I hope you're enjoying summer, though if you live in England like me you're probably not getting much of one!

Have you got an interest in photography? x


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