A Quiet Sunday

I love Sundays so much I even wrote a post about it, so this Sunday me and Craig went out for lunch and then a long walk down Hengistbury Head as I fancied some fresh air and was in the mood to take some photos for a blog post. On the journey we popped into Costa to get my favourite ice cooler - raspberry and blackcurrant, and a cheeky caramel shortbread, as if I really needed more sugar!

We ended up walking for more than an hour, taking our time and enjoying the scenery taking photos here and there, constantly getting sand in my shoes. There were plenty of people around walking dogs and flying kites, though it was a little bit chilly with the the sun hiding behind the clouds and the wind in full force, though the day started off with bright blue skies the grey clouds soon swept in, good old England!

Whilst we were walking along there was a huge bang that sounded like a bomb, we turned around to sea sand flying in the air and for a moment I became a little anxious though everyone just stopped and stared but no one was running screaming. It turned out that there was in fact a bomb, it was a grenade purposely detonated in the sea by the navy and bomb disposal unit, an exciting addition to my Sunday!

I love writing posts like these, so I'm shocked it's been so long since I wrote anything with the photography label and I definitely want to make sure these are more common on the blog. Craig and myself have made a list of places we want to see and re-visit, whether it's on Sundays or general days off so hopefully I'll be back to writing posts like these on a regular basis.

What I Wore:
Top- Primark. Cardigan - H&M. Leggings- TU at Sainsbury's. Sandals - New Look. Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters. Bag - New Look..

What did you get up to on Sunday? x


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