Why I Love Sundays

This post is a little out of the blue, but when seeing this vest in Mango (that is typically now in the sale) I knew Sunday is my favourite day and as it's currently Sunday and I'm wearing this vest, I thought I'd talk about why I love the second day of the weekend so much.

It's a day I always have off work. I always work Saturdays so the weekend doesn't start till Sunday for me, in the three years at my job I have only worked four Sundays which is very impressive as it's retail!

It used to be the set date I'd see my now boyfriend. When me and my current boyfriend started seeing each other we used to stick to it being on Sunday's. He even started calling me his 'Sunday Girlfriend' how cliché haha and even now we try to make Sundays our main day to spend time together.

It's often the day I get to go out and do something fun. This actually links with it being the day I spend with my boyfriend as we try to go out and do something, whether it's a picnic on a hot summers day, a drive around the New Forest or a simple shopping trip in town. As it's the day I always have work I like to make the most of it, even though this Sunday (technically last Sunday as I'm writing it a week ahead) I'm spending it on my laptop.

The sunday roast. My mum isn't one for cooking a regular sunday roast dinner (though her's are the best), but my boyfriend's Mum is, and they're just a top reason to love Sundays.

There's lots of new YouTube videos. Every Sunday I'm in anticipation to watch The Michalak's weekly vlog and I love spending Sunday evening watching the new videos from the favourites.

I've also just realised it's my birthday the day this has gone live, which is another reason to why I love today!

What is your favourite day? x


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