July Snaps

It is safe to say July has been a strong month for my Instagram, I've been aiming to post daily and sometimes I even managed to post several times a day. I've been following lots of bloggers and I've been trying to comment and like fellow blogger photos instead of focusing on my own account. I love scrolling through hashtags and finding like minded people and gaining inspiration. I have to admit I need to up my game and get my Instagram themed!

In regards to my non-Instagram life July is one of my favourite months as it's summer and there's lots of occasions to celebrate. I had my 20th birthday which was eventful nonetheless due to me heading to town and going way over my limits that when it came to spending my actual birthday wrapped up in a blanket unable to keep anything down, brilliant. I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter you'll be pretty up to date with what actually happened that night!

Onto more positive going ons it was my boyfriend's Mum's 60th birthday and it was lovely to be part of the family and head out for breakfast by the beach in the morning and watch her open her cards and gifts. It was also mine and my boyfriend's official two year anniversary which we didn't get to celebrate though he picked me up from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the car.

I hope July has been a lovely month for you x


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