Food Review: Dean's Diner

Dean's Diner is a small chain of restaurants in England that are completely based on American diners. I absolutely love eating at American diners in the UK as I love the food and let's be honest, it is the closest I shall be getting to America anytime soon. 

When I was vlogging for this YouTube video me and my boyfriend headed to Whiteley Village which is where we decided to eat in Dean's Diner and I wasn't actually planning to blog about it, but thought I might as well take the opportunity to as I had my camera with me. 

It's always quite difficult eating out as I'm such a fussy eater, but we'd been here before so we assumed it was a safe bet, that was until I realised they'd changed the menu and they didn't have any chicken available so the outcome was either a bowl of chips or an all day breakfast, I'm sure you can guess I chose the latter! I hadn't eaten all day as I'd been distracted by filming anyway so technically it was my breakfast. My boyfriend decided to have a burger which no surprise was stacked high with different fillings and he also chose a side of sweet potato fries, it made mine look a little boring.

It's safe to say my breakfast was huge and included everything you could ask for, I moved the parts I disliked to the side and got on eating the hashbrown that was as big as my hand and probably the best fried eggs ever. Even if I liked everything on the plate, I was so full after a few things there was no way I could have been able to eat it all.

I love the decor in these type of diners as it's very bold and bright, I think this is what encouraged me to take the photos and it's a very photogenic setting.  The whole Whiteley Village outlet is structured with glass buildings so being able to sit down and see the bright blue sky and of course be nosey at passers by is always a bonus.

It was also very quiet as it was the late afternoon which made it a lot nicer, we were able to choose our own seating and the place was pretty silent, though it did make me feel awkward getting my camera out as the staff were always round the corner.

Have you ever been to Dean's Diner? Or is there an American diner you'd recommend? x


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