Favourtite Five: Netflix Series

Pretty Little Liars

I'd heard about this series for a long time but as I didn't have Netflix I wasn't that fussed. When I finally got round to owning Netflix I still wasn't bothered by the series until I saw it being spoken about frequently on Twitter and one of my favourite YouTubers Gabriella (velvetgh0st) shared her addiction to PLL that I started watching it and let's just say I have never looked back. It's got an engaging storyline, lots of humour and plenty of romance, though there doesn't go an episode by without blood, death or stalking so it's definitely not boring. Even if you think it's not for you, I bet you'll love it.

Orange Is The New Black

I started watching this when I first got Netflix and during the beginning I wasn't sure it was for me, but as the episodes went on I became addicted. It's such a crazy show it's so fun to watch and the new series was brilliant with the new nationally loved Ruby Rose.


This is one of those shows that was aired on TV many years ago that I had heard of for most of my teenager years but I never got round to watching. I'm not sure whether I saw it when browsing for new series to watch or if someone mentioned it to me, but I choose to give it a go on Netflix and it drew me in. There's so much romance and drama it's completely up my street, though a lot of it is very unrealistic it's so fun and I couldn't wait to watch more. Netflix still don't have the last series on there though!

Gossip Girl

I used to watch Gossip Girl on TV but ended up losing track and missed the last few series. I found it on Netflix and couldn't resist starting the series again, I watched it consistently until the last episode, let's just say I didn't get a lot of sleep during that time period. Serena was always my favourite though Blair will always be queen.

The Vampire Diaries

Me and Mum used to watch it together and then for some reason, like Gossip Girl it wasn't watched again. When I had the time to start watching a new Netflix series I knew I wanted to start watching VD again, I loved it when I watched it before and I'm so glad I caught up. Netflix have been slow at putting the newest series on there though which is disappointing, I had to rely on another service instead so I'm completely caught up. 

It's safe to say I didn't sleep much when watching any of these series as I was always determined to catch up as quickly as possible. I'm currently watching PLL every Wednesday morning when the new episodes go on Netflix (whoooooo is A?!) but I'm not watching any other series so I would love suggestions, make sure it's on the UK site though!

What do you love watching on Netflix? x


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