20 July 2015

Colouring For Adults

Recently adult colouring has become a huge trend, it's meant to relax the mind and bring out your creativity. I want to point out that I'm really not jumping on the bandwagon of this 'new' found thing, I've been doing this for years and I'm extremely happy that companies are catering to adults now so I no longer have to look through the children's section of WHSmith when I want something new to let my pencils and pens loose on.

I've always loved colouring and doodling, it's my reason for buying every Keri Smith book she released and purchasing the Pointless Books too, they all allow you to release your creativity and have a bit of fun without feeling like you're a ten year old who needs to colour in the lines. As so many new artistic books are being brought onto the market I thought I'd talk you through my favourites, both old and new.

Relax With Art Magazine
I spotted this in Sainsbury's amongst the magazines and for less than £3 I decided to pick it up. Whoever came up with the idea of creating a adult colouring magazine is probably loving life right now because it's brilliant.

Creative Scribbles
This is a book I've owned for years which shows considering it now only costs £1! This is the type of book that allows you get creative in relation to what they write on each page.

The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring
I remember looking at the children's books for my brother and spotting this in the colouring section, I flicked through the pages and knew I wanted it. I can't remember if I bought it myself or if I asked my mum for it for a birthday, but I'm pretty certain it was my first creative colouring book. It's funny that I've owned it for so long yet it's still no where no finished!

Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom
This is probably one you've seen or heard of before, Millie's colouring books are probably some of the most popular since adult colouring became such a big thing. I love how her books are themed and they're so feminine and pretty, making each page a pleasure to colour.

Johanna Basford - Enchanted Forest
You've probably heard of Secret Garden, I'm guessing the most popular adult colouring book that I don't actually like the look of. Enchanted Forest is by the same artist yet is much more my cup of tea, I can see this is still great for children as it has a story of finding the symbols to unlock the castle, but the intricate details on each page means you have to take a lot of time to colour in.

Tiger Colouring Book
When I was in Tiger a while ago I picked up this £3 colouring book as I love colouring in patterns and for that price you can't really go wrong. It's really small, lightweight and basic so you can't go wrong. When I went in Tiger recently they have loads of designs and they also do these books in a smaller form so you can carry them around!

What do you think about adult colouring? x

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  1. I've been loving these types of colouring books recently too. Great post!



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