Review: Lush Dragon's Egg

Once again it's another Lush review, this time it's a bath bomb I had never thought of purchasing, the Dragon's Egg bath bomb. It suits my blog too as it's certainly some colourful stuff.

Lush Dragons EggLush Dragons Egg
Lush Dragons Egg
Lush Dragons Egg
Lush Dragons Egg

I do love a good bath bomb, so I was looking forward to adding this into my bath especially when I wasn't too sure what to expect. As soon as it was added it started to lather slowly, eventually the orange shade started to appear and the bomb began to fizz a little. A little while after as the bomb was dissolving there were more colours to appear. Once it had stopped fizzing away the water was tinted orange and filled with shimmer, not something I love though the scent was fruity and lovely.

I honestly don't think I'd purchase this bomb again as it's very long winded and disappointing, I also try to avoid bombs that are filled with shimmer.

Have you tried this bomb before? x


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