June Snaps

I decided to post my snaps post a little earlier this month as I'm trying to make sure my Crete posts are published with various posts in between rather than one after another. I'm also having a bit of trouble getting the inspiration to write new exciting posts so knew it would easier to write up this and post it a few days earlier than normal.

As you can see there are a lot less images than usual, but that's because at the beginning of June I was still on holiday and I didn't want to include those pictures here as they're all in Crete: By Phone and I'm sure you want a break from holiday photographs!

June has been a true start to summer, the beginning spent in Greece including celebrating my Mum's birthday. Though coming home and getting into the usual routine of life wasn't so great I was pleased to be home in my comfort zone and being able to eat Chinese and McDonald's again was brilliant. I've found blogging very difficult since I've been back, I've had a few posts from guest authors and it seemed to take forever getting the photos edited. Talking of photos I was asked to attend my friend's barber shop relaunch this month to take photographs which was a lot of fun and has encouraged me to focus on photography a lot more, which is why I started a Facebook page (massive hugs if you give it a like) and I'm even getting paid to take photos of a bride party getting ready this weekend!

I am shocked at how quickly June has flown by, I'm so glad summer is here as the sunshine puts me in a happy mood and I'm fed up of wearing coats. Bring on July, it's going to be a busy month including my 20th birthday and seeing Ed Sheeran at Wembley!

What has June been like for you? x


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